Have you been wondering when is it that you might need a support of a Career Coach? 

Or asking if there are any specific situations or stages in a career when career coaching might be especially beneficial? 

There´s actually no objective answer to the question. Professionals usually start to consider  career coaching when they struggle to find a job. That´s just one of many possible situations when a career coach can help you.

Indeed, you can use this service in other stages of your career too. A cooperation with a career coach can help you every time you need to clarify your next career steps. And it doesn´t matter if you are a graduate, a specialist with a couple of years of experience or a mature professional considering a career change. 

However, there are situations when a career coach could be especially helpful for you. For example: 

  • when the progress of your career does not meet your expectations,
  • when you feel that you are running out of career options,
  • when you need to find a job very fast, of course,
  • when your current job situation negatively impacts the quality of your life,
  • or when you are considering opening your own business. Yes, also in this case is career coaching very beneficial. 

Do you feel that some of these examples describes your situation? Contact me and I will provide you with effective tools that will help you to deal with them.